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3 Shocking Truths About Final Expense Insurance (FREE Video Reveals All!)

If you’re considering the purchase of a final expense life insurance, pay attention! There are 3 things you’ve GOTTA know before you do! Failure to heed these warnings could cause you to waste hundreds of dollars and your family to lose thousands in cash you wanted them to get…and it’s all in a FREE 3-minute video!

What We Do

We are broker fiduciaries dedicated to senior services, like Medicare, Long-Term care and Final Expense. Since 2009, seniors across the nation have learned to be smart shoppers and avoid scams. We’ve also helped seniors on fixed budgets avoid becoming a financial burden on their families. By reviewing your existing coverage and comparing multiple options, you can have greater peace of mind knowing you’ve purchased the perfect policy at the lowest price, and that your family will benefit during a very difficult time. No pressure or hassles, just great savings, rich benefits and caring service.

How will you pay for your funeral?

A one-time death benefit of up to $255 to a qualified dependent

One-time payment of $300 for those who qualify.

Have you been putting away money to cover all your final expenses?


Do your loved ones have the funds to cover your funeral and remaining expenses? Do you want to place this financial burden on them?

Avoid being a burden with plans starting at just $1 per day!

You WANT to leave behind…

Living Memories l Family Heirlooms
Inheritance Properties

You DON’T want to leave behind…

Funeral Expenses l Medical Debt
Financial Debt l Legal Fees

Why Lifeguard Insurance Services is
Your Agent For Life!

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At Lifeguard Insurance Services we believe communication is key to providing the best protection for your family and your lifestyle. We make it a point to meet one-on-one with clients to establish trust and a connection that lasts a lifetime. Since clients have a lot on their plate these days, and no time for language they don’t understand, we speak in clear, simple terms. As a result, clients are better equipped to make smart decisions about their goals and discover proven solutions to help get them there.

What ‘Clients’ Say

“The three words to describe your service excellent, professional and informative. I highly
recommend your service to all of my family and friends.”

E. Boyd, Age 70, PA

“As I watch the families of the friends I’ve lost this past week struggle to come up with the money for end of life costs I find myself thankful for Mr. Kal Reece who painstakingly put
together an affordable life insurance plan for me that will cover my end of life costs so my
children won’t have to go through all that. We never know when our time will come so be
smart and find a plan for yourself as I did.”

Salli Sandoval, Age 63, CA

“Friends recommended Kal so I gave him a call.  Not only did he quickly respond but I was
able to make an informed choice.
I recommend Kal Reece to everyone, just give him a call and discover his Medicare expertise
and willingness to go that extra mile for you!!”

V. Taylor, Age 65, CA

“I owned a Final Expense policy for 4 years and thought I made the right decision. To be sure, I had Kal review it and discovered that it was just a Term policy that would end when I turned 83. Not only did he guide me into a great permanent policy, but I got more coverage for the same premium! Thank you, sir!”

L. McGowen, Age 69, TX

“Kal helped my mother find a great life policy despite some serious health issues. He took the time, did the research and got the job done at an affordable price. I was impressed by the customer service and I introduced a friend of mine. I recommend Kal if you’re looking to get life insurance, a policy review or just wanting more information on financial options.”

M. Sidderth, Age 48, CA

“My wife and I were struggling to come up with a plan. We asked Kal questions and he was very patient. We started the application and it all turned out to be a great experience with
excellent rates! Kal has been wonderful- as a professional he truly shines.  Thank you, Kal!!!”

E. Abbott Age 75, Nev

“Buying life insurance can be confusing as heck! Praise the Lord that agents like Kal and his team exist to help. Kal is an angel who takes the time to help you. He’s really good at finding options that give you what you need and more, and makes it very easy and affordable.”

B. Squire, Age 74, CA

Who We Work With

We cater to those who have not had the time, money or knowledge to pre-plan for their Final expense needs and do not wish to become a financial burden to those they leave behind.

This can include:
Age 55-84
Fixed Incomes
All health conditions
Smokers/ Overweight

Who We Don't Work With

We prefer not to work with those who can safely self-insure, cannot justify the time or expense or want their families to pay for their leftover bills.

What’s Included
-All Final Expense plans are from trusted, top-rated carriers and guarantee to include:
-Fixed, affordable premiums
-Fixed benefit
-Permanent coverage
-No medical exam


A Forever Broker-Fiduciary, available for you and your family now and when you’re gone. Just imagine, your family can remember you and grieve in peace, knowing that your bills and funeral expenses will be paid upon your death.

You can do nothing and potentially add stress to your family later, or be proactive and get the plan of your dreams while you can still qualify for the lowest cost in the nation!

Remember, since you’re younger now you will save time and money, often hundreds of dollars, by purchasing the right plan now.

Our Guarantee

We guarantee a friendly, no-hassle experience and the lowest possible premiums for your permanent plan.

“I didn’t want to buy insurance. I thought it was expensive and a waste of money. That all changed when my mom had heart trouble and passed away. We were all in shock and it was expensive as hell to bury her! We’re still paying for it years later! I don’t want my family going through that, so I was glad to find Kal who got me a plan I could easily afford. Now I can sleep. Kal’s the best out there.”

W. Ipsan, Age 68, FL


Kal Reece is the owner of Lifeguard Insurance Services, an independent agency which has worked with seniors and nationally known, A-rated insurance carriers for more than two decades.

Having witnessed his share of sickness and death, and the expenses that come with it, he came to realize many little-known ways to handle expenses, save money and alleviate grief for both loved ones and clients. Along the way, Kal has made life-long relationships with senior facilities, attorneys, health-service advocates, and major insurance carriers. He has been interviewed by major networks and received the ‘America’s Top Planner’ designation in 2015.

Kal considers himself, and has been referred to, as a “natural problem-solver.” His diverse senior clientele relies on him for advice on insurance, retirement income planning and Medicare planning.

Kal grew up in New York City in the early 1960s. He moved to LA in 1984 and has worked with some of the biggest names in public and private industries. His father served in Europe during World War 2 and left him with many lessons he likes to share with family, friends, and clients alike. He thanks his mentors and a higher spirit for nurturing his talent while helping others prepare for the unexpected.

In his spare time, Kal enjoys traveling, cooking, family, football, old movies, and art collecting.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Final Expense insurance?

Final Expense insurance is a certain type of permanent life insurance which can cover cremation or burial costs, last-minute hospital co-pays, and other bills.

What are the different types of Final Expense insurance?

The most desirable Final Expense policies are permanent Whole Life policies which have fixed premiums and are designed to last till death.

What are the benefits of owning Final Expense insurance?

People buy Final Expense to save their families from the shock and financial burden of a death.

There are many benefits to owning a policy:

  • Premiums are designed for seniors up to age 85, and on fixed incomes
  • Your premiums never increase
  • Your coverage will never decrease
  • Your coverage is permanent (not Term)
  • Your plan builds cash-value
  • Riders can be included to help pay for certain disabilities while you’re alive
  • There is no medical exam
  • You cannot be cancelled due to age or sickness
  • Your family receives a tax-free benefit, usually 48 hours after your death
  • You can get a personal agent to assist with family decisions after you’re gone

Are there any drawbacks to owning a Final Expense policy?

Mainly, you can be cancelled if premiums are not paid. Also, if you don’t research carriers you may end up spending too much for the same amount of coverage.

How much does a policy cost?

Policies can be as low as $15/mo. The premium is based on age, health and coverage amount. There are many carriers, and some are more expensive for the same amount of coverage. It pays to use an experienced broker.

Could I do this myself?

Yes. However, if you’re not aware of all of the carriers out there, and how their policies work, you can spend lots of time and lots of extra money. Best to use an experienced broker.

How do you get paid?

We are brokers who spend time asking the right questions and finding our clients the lowest national premiums from several carriers. The carriers pay us a fee, but the service is of no cost to clients.

How do I know which company to buy my policy from?

You’ll want to work with only highly-rated carriers.

Carriers must have an established rating, with an A-rating being best in terms of assets and claims-paying ability.

A lower-rated carrier may have a more attractive cost, but may not be there or make excuses when it comes time to pay a death benefit.

How much coverage should I get?

We recommend getting enough coverage to pay for your local cremation or burial costs, and factor in an amount of money you’d like to leave a family member.

I’ve had some health issues. Will I qualify for coverage?

Yes. Different carriers will allow for certain illnesses when others will not. We specialize in getting you coverage from carriers who will accept your condition while still offering you affordable coverage.

I have a low, fixed budget.

No problem. We understand. Most Final Expense policies are designed for seniors on fixed incomes. No matter the budget, we can find coverage for you.

What happens if I die without coverage?

Think about this carefully. Most families will go through two phases upon your death: The Shock/Denial Phase is when they first get the news and it hits hard, making it difficult to make decisions if they were not pre-planned. The Spending Phase is when they may get unpaid medical bills, other bills and of course the unexpected cost of immediate transportation, mortuary, body processing and cremation or funeral/burial costs as they’re trying to process what just happened and what to do next. This is when they overspend due to anxiety, inexperience and guilt.

Remember, the principal reason people own an affordable Final Expense plan, is to avoid being an unnecessary burden to their families. This is where we can help!

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